How much sand is in your car?

You know what it’s like to own an island car. A layer of sand on the floor. Beach chair in the back. And maybe a squeak or two from driving on the cobblestones. The Nantucket license plate is the perfect way to tell the world — on-island or off — about your connection to Nantucket. Not everyone will get it. But that’s okay. Nantucket is a special place and your purchase of the Nantucket license plate supports 18 different non-profits on the island that serve Nantucket children, year-round. Please be a part of a program that helps to drive so many young islanders forward. Drive? Forward? See what we did there?

Who benefits?

PROJECT SPONSOR: Nantucket Lighthouse School. SUPER PARTNERS: A Safe Place, First Congregational Church, Nantucket Community Sailing, St. Mary’s Church. PARTNERS: Children’s House of Nantucket, Community Foundation for Nantucket, Fairwinds: Nantucket’s Counseling Center, Friends of Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket Booster Club, Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, Nantucket Ice, Nantucket Music Center, Nantucket New School, Small Friends on Nantucket, Strong Wings Adventure School, Unitarian Universalist Meeting House.

How can I get my plates?

It couldn’t be easier. And the benefits to the island are many. There are two ways to order your plates: at your local Massachusetts RMV or online by clicking the button below.

The initial Specialty Plate fee set by the state is $100, of which $40 returns to Nantucket.

Note that this $40 is tax-deductible. A $100 renewal fee, also set by the state, is due every two years. The entire renewal fee is tax-deductible and benefits island non-profits.

Frequently asked questions, answered:

Do you have to be a Massachusetts resident to purchase the plate? 
No, anyone with a car registered in the state of Massachusetts may purchase the Nantucket Island plate.

What is the easiest way to get a Nantucket Island specialty plate?
1. OnlineOrder your Nantucket Island specialty plate by clicking here. There are no shipping fees when ordering online. 2. Visit any Massachusetts full-service RMV. 3. Visit the Nantucket RMV (Which had been closed due to COVID-19 but as of September 8, 2020, is open) located at 16 Broad Street, Nantucket, MA, 2nd Floor. Please note that the Nantucket RMV only accepts cash or check.

Can I order a Nantucket Island specialty plate online?
Yes. Click here to order. 

How much does a Nantucket Island specialty license plate cost?
Costs include a $40 special plate fee and a one-time swap fee of $20. The swap fee is payable by cash or check when you pick up your plate at your local RMV. The state retains all swap fees.

Is the special plate fee tax-deductible?
Yes, $28 is tax-deductible with your first-time order and the entire $40 specialty plate fee is deductible with each renewal.

Can I get this specialty plate on my commercial vehicle?
Not yet. There is legislation being proposed that would allow commercial vehicles to be able to have a specialty plate.

Can I put this new special plate on my leased vehicle?

Can I get this new special plate for my motorcycle?
Not yet. There is legislation being proposed that would allow motorcycles to be able to have a specialty plate.

Can I personalize this new specialty plate?
No. Like all Massachusetts specialty license plates, the Nantucket Island specialty plates begin with two letters (“NI” as pictured) and will be followed by up to four digits.

How can I get more information?
You can contact the state’s Specialty Plate Department at: 1-857-368-8031. You can also contact the Nantucket License Plate Project via email at